Voter ID Bill Dies in Texas Senate

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A bill to require voters to present photo identification or two other forms of ID before casting ballots is dead for this regular session of the Legislature.

Democrat Senator Mario Gallegos says he'll be around for any future fights against the legislation.

The state Senate took no vote Wednesday night on bringing the bill up
for debate. Under Senate rules, midnight last night was the deadline for the bill to come up for debate before Monday's adjournment.

Senate Republicans argued the measure is needed to combat voter fraud. It had already passed the House.

But Senate Democrats argued that the ID requirements would disenfranchise poor and minority voters and vowed to filibuster the bill if it ever came up.

Under Senate rules, it would have taken 25 of the 31 members to pass the bill before the deadline and Democrats had eleven votes to block it.

Gallegos held the decisive vote. The Houston Democrat had a liver transplant in January and defied his doctors' advice to stay at the Capitol.

A GOP colleague had set up a hospital bed just outside the Senate chamber so Gallegos could be on hand to vote.