Locals Experience Nightmarish End to Dream Vacation

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The final day of a vacation on the high seas turned into high drama for a group of local travelers. The discovery of a suspicious package kept passengers on board a returning cruise ship at the Port of Galveston while authorities searched for a bomb.

The Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy had just docked around 8 a.m. Thursday when a police dog alerted on a package on the dock. The terminal was immediately evacuated and passengers ordered to stay on board.

However College Station resident Rabevra Ofczarzak had already disembarked when the lockdown was ordered giving her a front row seat for the chaos from the comfort of shore. "We actually had some friends that got stuck on the ship and never got off," Ofczarzak said. "We were in contact with them all the way back to College Station. They sat in a hallway on their suitcases, unable to move because they were so packed in by people, for three hours."

The package was later determined to be a computer printer and all passengers were allowed to go home.