Concern Over Threat of West Nile In Local Park

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With the constant threat of West Nile looming in the Brazos Valley, some Bryan residents have concern of standing water in a nearby park.

Every time the rain falls, one resident near Tanglewood Park says he prepares for the onslaught of mosquitoes.

"The water right here stands every season after every rain, and it's never evaporated it just stands, which makes for a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes," Bryan Resident Bobby Clay said.

Clay says it's gotten so bad recently afternoon activities with his grandchildren in the park have had to be cut short.

"My granddaughter was out riding her bicycle last night and we had to come inside because the mosquito infestation was so bad," Clay said.

Now some residents in the area are calling for help from the city.

However, officials with the City of Bryan say they are actively treating the area. Just a couple of weeks ago dunks were dispersed throughout the park. Those dunks could still be found in the standing water.

However, officials say the dunks don't have any effect on mosquitoes past the larval stage. The good news is that relief may be on the way.

"The residence close (to the park), may feel the effects of some adults that were already hatched," Bob Holmes of the City of Bryan said. "An adult mosquito isn't going to last long, their life cycle isn't long, so if we can break the cycle they ought to feel relief."

The City of Bryan says they are going to look into getting some additional help to the area, by concentrating on a ground attack.

"In this particular case, we're going to have to have the city engineer come out and do some grade elevations to see whether or not we can get this water drained properly," David Schmitz with the City of Bryan Parks and Recreation said.

One homeowner says the additional help couldn't come soon enough.

"This has been going on season after season, and the seriousness of West Nile is only going to make the situation worse," Clay said.