Chemical Spill Causes Evacuation At TAMU

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The spill of a volatile chemical inside the Chemistry building at Texas A&M, Friday, caused an evacuation. The spill of Bromine was less than a quarter of a liter, but it was enough to put the building into lockdown and bring seven fire trucks to the scene.

The following is a press release from the College Station Fire Department.

An accident involving 150 milliliters of bromine necessitated the evacuation of the Chemistry Building on the campus of Texas A&M University.

Bromine is a very volatile and reactive chemical that can be a severe respiratory irritant.

College Station Fire Department units responded at 1806 hours with the first unit arriving on the scene at 1810 hours. Parts of the building had been evacuated, and the fire department personnel activated the fire alarm system to speed evacuation of the remainder.

Personnel from the CSFD Hazardous Materials Team and the TAMU Spill Response Team entered the area of the spill wearing specialized protective clothing and neutralized the material and removed some contaminated floor tiles.

The situation was under control at 2033 hours. There were no injuries reported.

Seven fire department units staffed by nineteen personnel, along with numerous TAMU personnel were used at the scene.