Game Wardens Enforcing Safety During the Rain

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Gray skies are not enough to keep visitors, like Ernie Goode away from Lake Bryan.

"We figured we're going be in the water anyway," Goode said. "A little water coming out of the sky doesn't change things."

But those rain drops did cause Michael Curry and his friends to regroup.

"We came out and right when we put the boat in the water it started pouring," Curry said.

They had to wait out showers before they got a chance to hit the lake.

"It cleared up for a like an hour and it's perfect smooth, the water rode then it poured on us again and we just came up and started eating," Curry said.

Just like Curry and Ernie Good, State Game Warden Chad Jones said storm clouds will not be keeping him off the water either.

"We will be on the water or close to the water working water safety infractions," Jones said.

He said during Memorial Day, weekend traffic on the lake picks up considerably and he will be out patrolling making sure all visitors are abiding by the rules, like wearing a personal floatation device.

"It's the law for one that you have life jackets for everyone," Jones said. "We strongly recommend that everybody have a life jacket."

Jones said especially those on a personal water craft (PWC).

"It has to be zipped or buckled," Jones said. "It has to be secured and you have to wear a lanyard."

In addition, Jones said PWC riders must also obey the 50 foot rule.

"Fifty foot distance between any fixed object, person, another vessel," Jones said "That means you have to be at headway speed, which is idle speed."

Game wardens will also be inspecting boats for proper fire extinguishers, boat capacity and alcohol consumption.

Even though drinking aboard a boat is permitted, legal drunkenness is not.

"You just cannot be intoxicated while operating that vessel and intoxication is .08 in Texas," Jones said.

If you are on Lake Bryan and you see the warden's blue light flash, Jones said put your boat in neutral or turn off the engine.

He said do not try come over to him, just stay still and he will make his way over to you.
Jones adds, as rain remains in the forecast, it is best to heed the warning of thunder and lightening.

"You need to start making your way to a shoreline to get to safety," Jones said.