Texas Task Force 1 Aides in 13-Person Water Rescue

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As heavy rains pounded much of the state over the holiday weekend, Texas Task Force 1 was deployed to assist wherever needed.

"We're a resource that we certainly don't want to be used, because if we're used, people are in peril or in harms way," Texas Task Force 1 Director Bob McKee said.

Texas Task Force 1 often acts as the calm during the storm. Over the weekend rescue crews were called to several areas, including San Antonio, Waco, and New Braunfels to do what they do best.

"Along the Guadalupe River, New Braunfels, we were called to rescue 13 people who were out on the river," McKee said. "They got caught underneath a bridge and we were successfully able to both air-rescue these folks, and working with the New Braunfels fire department, boat assist those other individuals."

However, the rescue team says they were prepared for the wicked weekend weather as teams were called to the home headquarters in College Station on Friday to prepare. Officials say they had plenty of people on-call for the job.

"In this case, what we did is we used air crews. We have six air crews that again were staged in both San Antonio and Austin," McKee said. "Then, we have people with the San Antonio Emergency Operations Center, and then, of course, our coordination center for all search and rescue here in College Station."

Rescue officials say the biggest reward comes from being able to aide others in times of need.

"When we do get to use the skill and training we've developed, it's very gratifying to be able to assist others, especially when you can make a difference and save lives," McKee said.

Crews are expected to remain activated through Tuesday to keep an eye on weather and increased traffic flows over the holiday.