Mother, Daughters Found Hanging in Hudson Oaks Home

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HUDSON OAKS, Texas -- Investigators near Fort Worth say they're treating the case of a woman and her four daughters found hanging in a closet as a murder-suicide.

Police say the woman's sister, who found the bodies hanging in the closet, was the one who rescued the youngest child when she realized the eight-month-old girl was still alive.

Authorities say the girl is in good condition after being taken to a local hospital.

No identities have been released of those involved in the tragedy at the Oak Hills mobile home park in the tiny community of Hudson Oaks. That's about 20 miles west of Fort Worth near the town of Weatherford.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler says the children were all hanged with items such as strips of clothing and sashes.

He says say the woman and her girls were last seen last night. He says the woman's sister had gone to check on her because she hadn't gone to work.