Local Youngsters Get a Lesson in Etiquette

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School's out for summer and although many youngsters are out enjoying some fun in the sun, others are using the first week of summer break to polish up on their social skills.

"They learn confidence is the key issue," Susan Quiring with Susan's Ballroom Dance said. "One of these days they'll have their job working at McDonalds, or babysitting, or mowing lawns, and that courtesy and respect for adults goes a long way in helping get their first job."

Now when you think of fine dining and ballroom dancing, a room of seven to ten year olds probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

However, an Etiquette and Dance Summer Camp has young ladies and gentlemen learning skills that even some adults would be envious of.

"Thirty percent of jobs are actually lost because of poor manners when people go for job interviews," Quiring said. "So what they're learning they'll remember as they go through life."

This isn't your typical summer camp. In addition to learning conversational manners, and basic common courtesies, students got a taste of some fundamental dining etiquette .

The kids are truly looking towards the future.

"Whenever you grow up and you are trying to do interviews, you won't mess up or anything like that," Kristen Blount an etiquette student said.

While another student said, "When I grow up, I'm going to do this stuff and be nice to others," Nathan Ray said.

Although boys and girls in the seven to ten age range are still fighting off the cooties, two brave youngsters dared to show off their newly acquired dancing skills.