Allegations Surface Concerning Navasota High School Principal

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The principal at Navasota High School is under fire. Allegations have surfaced that Brent Rumbo has discriminated against students and has advised some to drop out of school.

Wednesday, parents and students spoke out.

"I just want to go to school," Jose Samaniego said.

Samaniego was placed in alternative education after he says an incident with the Navasota High School Principal turned ugly.

"I had my hood on, but I took it off and he just pushed me," Samaniego said.

The high school sophomore says he spent 45 days in A.E.P.

"I came back to school and he said I couldn't be there because he didn't want me there," Samaniego said.

Samaniego isn't the only one coming forward. A black cloud seems to be hanging over Navasota High School because of allegations that have students, parents, and school officials concerned.

A letter was sent from the local chapter of the NAACP to Navasota ISD administration last week.

15 concerns were listed including accusations that High School Principal Brent Rumbo told students to drop out of school and used excessive force against a student for no reason.

"Any complaint you get you have to take it seriously and I think the district did," Navasota ISD Superintendent Jennings Teel said.

Teel says the district is looking into the accusations.
He sent a list of 12 questions to teachers, asking if Rumbo is disrespectful and if he is the right person for the job.

"We have nothing to hide, so I don't have a problem with it," Teel said. "This district is an open book. If we are trying to address allegations, we'll address them."

The in-school accusations are not the only ones surfacing.
Four students claim the principal chased them with an ax after the students allegedly called his wife a bad name.

"There was an incident and he's confirming that there was an incident," Lt. Jorge DeLaCruz with the Navasota Police Department said.

Criminal charges are pending, but Rumbo remains on the job.

"We feel like we can send our kids for an education and feel like they're protected but they are really not," Parent Sharon Truman said.

This is Rumbo's first year at the high school. He could not be reached for comment.

The Grimes County District Attorney's Office expects to get Rumbo's case within the week and then it will most likely go to the grand jury in June. Another case awaiting grand jury involves a Navasota high school teacher who allegedly slapped a student.