Public Input Wanted For Animal Ordinances Changes

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Brazos Animal Shelter Executive Director Ashley Wesp says the number of people living in Bryan and College Station grows, and so is the number of animals.

"The population growth has just exploded, and with people come their pets," Wesp said, "so there's been some additional issues that come up with come population of people and animals."

For that reason, she says the cities are trying to be proactive instead of reactive. Government officials from Bryan and College Station created the Committee on Animal Ordinance Revision.

Wesp and three others representing B/CS and Brazos County on the committee are reviewing current animal ordinances so they can be updated.

"Some of them are really outdated. Livestock in the city limits, that kind of thing is something we're kind of looking at because it used to be horses and cows are on the outskirts of town," Wesp said. "Now they're smack in the middle of the population."

Before they present any recommendations, they have scheduled two meetings in the month of June for community members to give their input. Wesp says one item that will be on the agenda has to deal with "Lillian's Law," the bill on Governor Rick Perry's desk that would hold pet owners responsible if they attack others.

"We wanted to make sure our dangerous dog ordinances were as tight as we can make them for public health and safety, as well as the safety of the animals," Wesp said.

The goal of the committee is to create animal ordinances for Bryan and College Station that are consistent with each other across the board. Wesp says optimistically, any changes recommended and approved by the B/CS city councils could be placed into effect in a year's time.