Restoring A Historic Library in Franklin

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The Carnegie Library of Robertson County has seen better days.

In the 1900's it was Mary Cole's great grandfather who believed Franklin deserved a library.

"He wrote the Carnegie Foundation and he was successful in getting $7,500 to build this building and now it's taking quite a bit more to restore," Cole said.

As president of the Friends of the Carnegie Library of Robertson County, Cole said she and others have noticed time has taken its toll on the structure.

"The roof is in very bad shape. It has rusted and leaked and so the rafters have rotted," Cole said.

"We're talking about $200,000," Cole said.

The Carnegie Library of Robertson County is one of four Texas carnegie libraries still in in operation. Members of Franklin's artistic community, like Mary Burkhalter, said they appreciate the library's historic value and wanted to get involved.

"I heard them talking about it and I thought it was an exciting thing to be a part of," Burkhalter said.

Burkhalter and several of her colleagues donated a portion of sales from this year's Fine Art Show to the cause.

"Restoring a building is definitely an artistic thing, architecture is part of art," Burkhalter said.

Once the Carnegie Library is fully restored it will serve the people of Franklin and all of Robertson County in a bigger and better way.

"It looks like we'll be able to do more, be an information center, tourist attraction, as well as a library focusing on a lot of children's activities," Cole said.