Final Piece of Andrade Murder Puzzle Sentenced

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A four-year saga has come to an end. Tuesday the last member of one of the largest conspiracies to rock the Brazos Valley pleaded guilty. Boris Mogilevich, who managed to elude capture until he was tracked down last year in Hungary, has been sentenced.

As Mogilevich pleaded guilty and received a 45-year sentence Tuesday, a sigh of relief could be heard throughout the courtroom.

"It was kind of a relief to finally inculpate this entire crime," Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner said.

Four years ago, local rap producer Tommy Andrade was shot to death. Mogilevich was one of three hitmen, and the one who fired the deadly shot.

He is the sixth member of the conspiracy to be sentenced.

Another hitman, Bradley Padrick, pleaded guilty to robbery charges and is serving two consecutive 20-year terms.

The middleman in the conspiracy, Thomas Parent, pleaded guilty and is serving 50 years in jail.

Trey Davis pleaded guilty to the crime and is serving a 40-year sentence.

Most recently, Willie Davis, the father who helped orchestrate the plan to rob Andrade was convicted of capital murder and is serving a life sentence. That's the same fate as his son, Chad. Both declined plea agreements and left their fate up to a jury.

"He got to see what our juries respond to when people chose to challenge the charges," Turner said.

That's why Mogilevich opted to take the safer road.

"Our position is that Brazos County has spoken twice, and their response has been life, so we knew what we were up against and we're happy with the result," Defense Attorney James Kennedy said.

Mogilevich will not be eligible for parole until he serves 22-and-a-half years.