Ex-Lawman Faces Execution in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- A 56-year-old former lawman faces execution tonight in Huntsville over a 1994 slaying in Houston.

Ex-Harris County sheriff's deputy Michael Griffith was condemned for killing Deborah McCormick.

She was alone in her family's flower shop when McCormick saw a repeat customer, Griffith, at the door. McCormick figured it was OK to let him in to buy some roses.

The victim was robbed, raped and fatally stabbed.

Griffith would be the 15th condemned inmate executed this year
in Texas.

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year refused to review the case. No final appeals are planned at the request of the inmate.

Griffith rose to the rank of sergeant over his ten-year Harris County career, but he was fired for violating the sheriff's department policy on domestic abuse.