Internet Safety Rules for Kids Apply to Adults

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"Be careful who you're chatting with on the internet."

That is the message adults are driving home to kids, but it seems it also needs to be taken to heart by grownups.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Dallas police believe a criminal lured Christian Marton, 21, of Axtell to a location where he was robbed and murdered. Marton was there to exchange cash for a vehicle he found on the internet.

Selling and buying on the internet generally involves user ID names, so you really do not know exactly who you are dealing with. That is why police officials say anyone who uses the internet for anything needs to realize danger could potentially be a mouse click away.

College Station Police Sergeant Craig Anderson says if you ever decide to met face to face you should follow the first rule in making an exchange: visibility.

"You always want to meet in a public area where you are going to have a lot of people in case something happens and you're going to have some witnesses," Anderson said.

He adds you should never agree to meet or set up meetings at night, and that you should avoid bringing cash to meeting whenever possible.

Should you find yourself in a situation that turns dangerous, Anderson says to get people's attention.

"Think about where you are, what you're doing," Anderson said. "If you're in need of some help you want to try and do something to get attention to where you're at. We always tell kids to yell 'fire.'"

Plus, Anderson said the same anonymity potential criminals count on can also work for you.

"That person doesn't even know who you are, so you can easily walk away before you even contact them," Anderson said.

Lastly, Anderson says in any situation, the best advise to heed to stay safe is your from your gut.

"Trust your instincts," Anderson said.