MPO Considering City/County Traffic Link

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There is more talk about interlinking the traffic systems of Bryan/College Station and other areas in Brazos County.

Members of the Bryan-College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization paid for a study to determine the cost of implementing and operating a centralized traffic center. The study was conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute, and it evaluated the potential benefits of linking the twin cities' and the county's traffic infrastructures, such as lights and cameras.

According to TTI's study the Translink Traffic Management Center could become a reality with an estimated $1.6 million from B/CS and the county. The study goes on to estimate the cost of operating the center around $600,000 annually.

Benefits would include improved traffic flow across jurisdictional boundaries, improved coordination between agencies, and better management of traffic incidents such as emergencies.

County Judge Randy Sims says the Translink Traffic Management Center could provide all county drivers better driving experiences. Members of the MPO will hear more on the issue in the coming weeks.