Neighbor Arrested in Bryan Woman's Murder

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Bryan Police arrested a suspect Wednesday in the murder of an elderly Bryan woman.

Christian Edward Olsen, 19, has been charged with the death of 68-year-old Etta Jean Westbrook.

Olsen was arrested Wednesday on a three-count warrant for credit card abuse. Police say Olsen was using credit cards that belonged to Westbrook.

During questioning, Olsen confessed to his involvement in the death of Westbrook, say police.

Bryan authorities believe Olsen (mugshot pictured below) showed up at her door Sunday afternoon.

"She knew the defendant," Lt. David Patterson with Bryan PD said. "She let him in, and he attacked her. She was subsequently overcome with blunt force trauma."

It was a house alarm that sounded early Monday morning at Westbrook's home that led authorities to find her body. Police are still looking into how the alarm went off, though they say it very well could have been triggered inadvertently, possibly due to stormy weather that night.

In their investigation, authorities discovered Westbrook's credit card was missing. They contacted the card company, which put a watch on the card.

In the days following Westbrook's murder, Bryan Police say Olsen made purchases at multiple stores across the Twin Cities. Surveillance footage from those businesses eventually led authorities to Olsen, who was arrested Wednesday on theft, forgery and credit card abuse charges. Authorities then began asking him about Ms. Westbrook's death.

"During that questioning, he subsequently confessed to the murder," Patterson said.

Police say Olsen lived across the street from Westbrook. They lived in the 3500 block of Oak Hollow Drive in Bryan.

Olsen has been charged with one count of murder and is currently being held in the Brazos County Jail. His bond is set at $500,000. A conviction would lead to a sentence of between five and 99 years or life in prison, authorities say.

A motive is yet unknown.

Along with their detectives, Bryan Police also credited their Directed Deployment Team and the Brazos County District Attorney's Office in helping make this arrest.

Authorities say Olsen was on probation at the time for some of his previous crimes. He had been in jail seven times in the past 12 months, accused of crimes like forgery, theft, and even driving with an invalid licence.