Investigation Continues into Bryan Woman's Murder

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The investigation into a Bryan woman's death continues after the suspect confessed to killing her.

Etta Jean Westbrook, 68, was found dead in her home early Monday morning.

"Real shocking, it's just something you don't expect at all, but for someone that kind, that gracious, and that sweet you would never expect that," Central Baptist Church Minister to Single Adults Mike Wilkinson said.

Westbrook's neighbor, 19-year-old Christian Olsen, has confessed to her murder.

"She knew the defendant. She let him in, and he attacked her," Lt. David Patterson with Bryan Police said Wednesday night. "She was subsequently overcome with blunt force trauma."

Police first responded to the scene after a house alarm went off. Inside, officers found the woman unresponsive.

"The initial assessment was that they either had a suicide or an accidental death, and that was based on the condition of the scene, and the condition of the victim at the time," Assistant Chief Peter Scheets with the Bryan Police Department said.

However, police say their crime scene unit and detectives were brought in, and Westbrook's death was later ruled a homicide.

Oak Hollow in Bryan is considered one of city's quietest and safest neighborhoods, and neighbors couldn't be more shocked.

"It's something you don't wake up to everyday," Oak Hollow Resident Adam Petty said. "It happens, but unfortunately it happened in this neighborhood this time."

Olsen is a former student of both Bryan High and Blinn College, but didn't finish his education at either. The teen has a long rap sheet with prior offenses including forgery, theft, and driving with an invalid license. He now faces charges of credit card abuse and murder.

Meanwhile, a memorial service for Etta Jean Westbrook will be held Friday at Central Baptist Church in Bryan at 4 p.m. Westbrook will later be buried alongside her husband in Mississippi.