Comptroller: Texas' Budget is Balanced

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AUSTIN, Texas -- State Comptroller Susan Combs has certified that the state's $152.5 billion two-year budget is balanced.

She then handed the budget off to Governor Rick Perry for expected trims.

Combs spokesman R.J. DeSilva says the comptroller's ruling came with little fanfare on Tuesday. She finds that the state will collect enough taxes and earn enough on investments to cover the budget's proposed spending.

The comptroller confirms there will be slightly more than $80.1 billion in state revenues over the next two years. Federal and other funds are expected to supply another $72.4 billion.

Perry has until June 17 to sign or veto bills. The governor can wield a line-item veto over spending.

Perry demanded that higher education "special items" be listed separately so he could decide whether they're necessary. Some were listed separately, but not all, and he's expected to delete some items he deems to be wasteful.