Bryan, BTU Energized To Fight Illegal Dumping

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Trash is tarnishing the scenery around Lake Bryan.

Just about eight months ago, Bryan Texas Utilities built a fence around their property close to the lake to help alleviate the problem. However, the trash did not disappear. Instead, it was dumped on this piece of property on Mumford road.

BTU's Paul Hora says for a couple of years, people have been dumping trash illegally on property owned by BTU near Lake Bryan, but he adds in the last six months, the problem has been getting out of control.

Piles and piles of trash is what volunteers had to sift through in order to begin cleaning the area out on Friday.

"It really could have almost fit on a football field," Hora said. "In some areas, the trash was as deep as knee high to even maybe mid-waist high."

There was enough trash to fill the dumpster that was provided by the city of Bryan. Because the area is a remote location, it makes it an ideal place for people to dump without anyone seeing them.

Bryan Municipal Court Official Heather Flemming says volunteers were surprised to see that so many people can not find a trash can.

"It's hard for them to imagine that there are people out here that are willing to dump their trash just anywhere on the side of the road," Flemming said

Mattresses, hypodermic needles, old tires, and two-by-fours were among the trash that made its way to the property. Besides those eyesores, mixed in the brush were items that can harm the environment.

"Discarded oil containers from automotive applications or maybe industrial to just various chemicals and pollutants," Hora described.

Hora says the illegal dumping is a problem that the city of Bryan and Brazos County law enforcements officials are actively investigating. Illegal dumpers think they are getting away, but their own trash could be telling authorities who they are.

"There's a lot of debris with people's names and addresses on it and so they're able to get that and actually prosecute just from that particular, those particular evidence," Hora said.

Hora says BTU is now looking at fencing the area, but he said the best way to stop the creation of illegal dumps is for people to report who's doing it and where to law enforcement.