Babysitter Wins Repreive from Execution for Killing Texas Infant

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AUSTIN (AP) - Convicted killer Cathy Lynn Henderson has won a reprieve from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals over the 1994 death of a child.

So Henderson won't be executed Wednesday for the slaying of three-month-old boy Brandon Baugh.

His skull was bashed while Henderson was babysitting him at her Pflugerville home. His body was found buried in a wine cooler box.

Henderson was later arrested in her native Missouri.

The appeals court sent the case back to the trial court because the defense claims new evidence suggests the baby's head injuries could have come from an accidental fall.

Bryan Case with the Travis County district attorney's office says it likely will be at least three months before the trial court holds any hearings.

Case says prosecutors "respectfully disagree" that this is newly discovered evidence and have doubts about the underlying scientific studies.