Blinn College Summer Enrollment Up, After Low 2006 Numbers

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Last year, the halls of Blinn College were quieter than normal during summer school. Overall, the Blinn campus' experienced their lowest summer one enrollment rate since 2001.

"We had seen enrollment pretty much level out," Gena Parsons, Public Information Officer for the Blinn College-Bryan Campus said.

To help get students back in the classroom, Blinn College decided to try something new this year by offering mini-mesters, 12 day accelerated education courses to their schedule.

Early numbers indicate the new courses are doing just what they were intended to.

"It's a very quick semester, what that did is it gave our students more flexibility by building more flexibility into what we offer, and we found that our numbers went up for the summer," Parsons said.

Totals for summer I enrollment last year at the Bryan campus were 4,370. Comparatively numbers for this year are up at 4,735, officials say it's a jump of 8 percent.

"That is our biggest market for mini-mesters because we draw not only on our Blinn students but out A&M students, Houston students, people who are coming back to town from being away at college somewhere," Parsons said.

Officials say the newly implemented mini-mesters allows them to fully utilize their faculty, facilities, and personnel continuously.

"That boosted everything for us this year. We probably had our largest summer enrollment in 2005, so we've dropped off a little bit since then," Parsons said. "This is a nice increase to try and get us back up to that point."

Summer I Enrollment Totals Campus Wide
2000 5,481
2001 5951
2002 6656
2003 6904
2004 6691
2005 7,035
2006 6,377
2007 6,459