Health Department Funding Part of Bryan Budget Talks

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In Bryan's city council workshop, early budget talks began, including some about the Brazos County Health Department.

The council heard about a pair of proposals that would increase both Bryan and College Station's funding of the department.

Before 2004, Bryan was paying nearly $280,000 annually, but because of Bryan's financial help with the Expo Center, their funding of the health department was reduced to $10,000.

Under a pair of proposals under consideration, funding would be re-upped to between $200,000 and $300,000. The plan recommended by the health department's board would have the county and the two cities paying equal amounts, with Brazos County paying the in-kind bill as they have previously.

Bryan officials said College Station was paying around $180,000 annually to the county for the health department before 2004. They, too, had their rate reduced to $10,000, though Bryan officials say College Station did not chip in on the Expo Center.