Ambulance Simulator Brings Real World Training Into the Classroom

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A new piece of equipment brings some real world training into the classroom.

A new ambulance simulator is bringing the reality of an emergency situation into a controlled learning environment.

The simulator includes life-like dummies that have pulse points, can speak in two languages, and will even respond to different types of medicines administered.

Thursday afternoon Blinn College's Emergency Medical Services program gave a tour to its local advisory board explaining some of the benefits students will receive from the new equipment.

"They're actually going to be working in an ambulance when entering the workforce, so why not have that opportunity here in class," Blinn College Emergency Medical Services Program Director Jason Segner said.

Segner says he hopes to see Blinn College become the premier EMS learning center in the area.

The simulator is hooked up with cameras which can record students responding to an emergency. Students then can later go back and watch how they responded to the emergency.

Officials say the new simulator, along with all the computers and advanced technology cost nearly $80,000.