Popular Wedding Date Creates Business Boom for Some Area Vendors

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Cangelose isn't the only one experiencing large volumes of bride-to-be interested in saying their "I do's" on the date.

"At the beginning of the year, we had a lot of inquiries about 7-7-07. Unfortunately, I have to say it is booked," Katie Seaman event coordinator for Astin Mansion said. "So I say good luck to them on their lucky day, and see if they can find another date because most places are booked already."

Ceremony and reception locations aren't the only locations booked. Churches such as First Baptist Bryan say they have had the "lucky" date booked for nearly two years.

From wedding dresses to wedding cakes, some local vendors say the surge of 7-7-07 brides has been good for business, sometimes too good.

"The cake lady we use has already been booked for a long time," said Cangelose. "She said she can only handle so many, so we've had to send them to other vendors."

However, wedding shops such as the Bridal Gallery say they anticipated the popularity of the date, and have been preparing brides since early on.

"We started a long time ago and helped them get their vendors set up, and helped them get their dresses early, so we wouldn't have any issues right now," Cangelose said.

As for the reason behind the popularity of the date, wedding professionals have heard it all.

"Everyone thinks it's the luckiest date ever, and their marriage will be blessed with luck," Seaman said.

Cangelose said, "They think that it's a unique date because they either believe in the lucky number seven, or the biblical meaning for number seven."

Wedding experts say they are already beginning to notice a popular date trend for next year, June 7, 2008, or 6-7-08.