Local Man's Green Thumb Becomes Internet Success

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A Bryan man's green thumb has become a world-wide web success.

Seven years ago, gardner Dave Whitinger would search the web for places to trade and buy seeds and plants.

"There was really no big website out there, just smaller groups everywhere," Dave's Garden Webmaster Dave Whitinger said.

Whitinger then decided to create a website for himself listing his available seeds. Soon after, many other people started requesting to list their seeds and plants on the site.

"I just created this thing for myself and I made a piece of software that had a list of all the seeds and plants I had available to people and also the things I wanted," Whitinger said. "When other people saw what I had, they asked if they could also keep a list on my site"

Thus Dave's Garden hit the mainstream, allowing fellow gardeners to login and create their own lists. The website has gained international attention.

"Today. Dave's Garden is easily the largest gardening site in the world," Whitinger said. "With about one and half million people coming to the site, there's a huge community."

Whitinger says that every feature on the website is there because it was requested by other members.

The green thumb giant allows viewers to search for anything from a specific type of plant to general advice. Special features on the site include the garden watch dog, which directs consumers to high-rated sellers.

"It was not originally created to warn people to stay away from the bad guys, but created to see who are the best people to shop with," Whitinger said.

Whitinger says the popularity of the site keeps growing as people are logging on and connecting with others.

"I just saw a problem and I fixed the problem for myself," Whitinger said. "I kind of had this desire for myself as a gardner, since I am a programmer to create this website."