Perry Signs Texas' New Budget

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AUSTIN -- Governor Rick Perry Friday signed the nearly $153 billion two-year state budget.

Most of the growth is in education, human services, criminal justice and the environment. More than $100 million will be spent to beef up the state's border security efforts.

There's also more money for the state's low cost children's health insurance plan, or CHIP.

Perry used his line-item veto to trim $570 million in costs that he decided would be unnecessary spending. Many cuts were to higher education and items lawmakers specifically sought for their communities.

Perry slashed nearly $36 million for such special projects.

Among the special items nixed:

- about $300,000 for a Museum of Fine Arts at Angelo State University in San Angelo. Perry says the museum would contribute little to higher education goals and the school already receives a disproportionate share of special item and excellence funding.

-$5 million for an engineering program at the West Texas A&M because "the university did not request this special item."

- $5 million for the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston for public health expansion.

- $2 million for the Stark Diabetes Center at the UT Medical Branch in Galveston, because UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas got $18 million for diabetes research. Perry says the Medical Branch can collaborate with UT Southwestern.