Bryan Attracts Thousands With Steak and Wine Festival

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After a year and a half in the making, city of Bryan workers were in full force Friday afternoon and night, to get the first ever Texas Reds: Steak and Grape Festival up and running on time.

"We were out here last night setting up til about three in the morning. So, we had crews working all night to make sure we're ready to go," Bryan's Division Manger of Parks and Recreation David Schmitz said.

Schmitz said the goal of the event is to bring people to Bryan and see what it has to offer. What lured so many people to downtown Bryan--specially grilled steaks and numerous flavors of wines from 11 different local and out of town wineries.

Bryan Mayor Mark Conlee said the festival is showcasing the city to visitors.

"They're seeing all the revitalization of downtown Bryan," Conlee said. "People who wouldn't come down here at all now they see it and they're just amazed at what we've done."

In the wake of possible rain showers on Saturday there were contingency plans in place, just in case.

However, with the chance to sample great steaks and wines from across Texas, gray skies were not enough to keep people away from the Steak and Grape Festival. City officials are hoping before the festival's end, 5,000 to 8,000 people will have made a stop in downtown Bryan.

Saturday's seeming success is encouraging for the city, since the city council approved funding for the event. This year, being the first time for the festival, profits are not expected, but officials said the city's investment will pay off shortly.

"We don't expect to break even until about the third year and then after that it should support itself," Schmitz said.

If this year's participation is any indication, Texas Reds: Steak and Grape Festival is well on its way to being an anticipated family function.

"I think this is going to be a major event in the Brazos Valley for years to come," Conlee said.