Navasota ISD Trustees to Meet, Discuss Personnel

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Navasota's embattled high school principal is likely once again up for discussion, this time by the school district's trustees.

Because they are discussing a personnel matter, Monday night's discussion will be behind closed doors. The agenda simply states they will "review and consider approval of the employment of teachers and other personnel for the 2007-2008 school year."

To that end, high school principal Brent Rumbo is likely going to be a main topic of discussion. Accusations have arisen that the man who has headed up Navasota High for only a year has told his students to drop out and discriminated against them.

The school district has been investigating Rumbo concerning the alleged incidents within the high school halls.

To further add to the drama, an investigation by the Grimes County district attorney is underway, as four students have accused Principal Rumbo of chasing his students with an ax after those students made derogatory comments about Rumbo's wife. Authorities say Rumbo has confirmed to them that an incident did happen, though details are not known.

A Grimes County grand jury is next scheduled to meet on June 29th, with the potential for action at the time.

Monday night at the district's headquarters, there will be a portion for public comments. That meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.