Waco Area Animal Control Officer Shot and Killed

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WACO, Texas (AP) - The animal control officer for the town of Bellmead was shot multiple times in the back and killed while making his rounds at the city's animal shelter.

The Bellmead fire chief found the body of Bobby Dean Evans, 47, lying in the shelter's doorway Monday morning.

Police in the Waco suburb say they have no suspects.

When Evans' body was found, there were two dogs being held at the shelter and a Great Pyrenees dog in the back of Evans' pickup truck.

Officials say Evans had left the Bellmead Fire Department for his regular rounds at 8:30 a.m. and apparently picked up the Great Pyrenees at some point on his way to the shelter.

City manager Scooter Radcliffe says the shelter complex is kept locked to the public.

There were no signs of a struggle and the city was not aware of any threats made against Evans.