Navasota High Principal Refutes Allegations

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A heated school board meeting Monday night regarding Navasota High School principal Brent Rumbo left several unanswered questions, but what happened after the meeting might bring about a resolution. The group attacking the principal seems to be taking a higher road.

"The wheels on this wagon have fallen off," Grimes County NAACP President James Harris said Monday night. "There's definitely a problem at the high school."

Harris has been the voice of the accusers who say high school principal Brent Rumbo discriminated against minorities and intimidated students and employees, allegations Rumbo says are false.

"There's been some things that I don't know if fabricated is the right word, but at least embellished to a point where they are not true," Rumbo said.

Following Monday night's meeting, Rumbo and Harris met one-on-one, and now the civil rights group seems to be backing down.

"We were in a storm, but we didn't stop," Harris said. "We kept going through it. I think we're on our way out."

For the first time Tuesday, Rumbo opened up about the allegations. He said he should remain as principal and is willing to work with the community.

"Ultimately, you have to look at those concerns," Rumbo said. "You have to hear those concerns and desires of those parents and be able to move forward."

Rumbo also has allegations of criminal conduct. Four students claim Rumbo chased them with an ax after those students called his wife a bad name.

Rumbo says those allegations are not true. He says he's not worried that his case is expected to go the grand jury this month, and that he has made Navasota his home and plans to stay.

"Do I think that I should be on leave? No, because there's no validity to the allegations," Rumbo said.

The Navasota school board says it will make no decision regarding Rumbo's status in the near future.