Final Five Bryan Police Chief Candidates Interviewed

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The city of Bryan is one step closer to selecting its new police chief. Five candidates were interviewed Wednesday for the position.

The candidates were selected from a nationwide search that yielded 70 applicants. Each had a chance Wednesday to tell a city panel why they are the right person for the job.

"I always wanted to be the guy on the mound or in the box," Bryan Police Chief candidate Freddie Komar said. "I don't like watching from the dugout, so to speak. I think there are some things I can provide: ethical leadership or leadership by example."

Komar joined the Bryan Police Department in 1979. He grew up in Bryan and now serves as one the assistant police chiefs.

"I enjoy leaving a place better than I found it," Bryan Police Chief candidate Jim Stewart said. "I enjoy leaving people better than I found them. I think as the chief I could continue to do that."

Stewart is the second internal candidate. He is an instructor at TEEX and a reservist for the Bryan Police Department. Stewart also served 31 years in the U.S. Army.

"I believe in a lot of community outreach, a lot of community activities and a lot of dialogue," Bryan Police Chief candidate Tyrone Morrow said. "It's because the community is what truly drives the police department, and the police department's responsibility is the community."

Morrow is from Fairfax County, Virginia. The father of four serves as the county's director of the criminal justice academy. He also served in the U.S. Army.

"I'd be an accessible chief and I would care about the community and the police department," Bryan Police Chief candidate Eric Buske said. "I would take what I think is a good police department and seek to make it better."

Buske serves as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Investigations Bureau in Omaha, Nebraska. The FBI Academy graduate has spent the last 23 years climbing the ladder of Omaha's Police Department.

"I'm accessible and I think that's a responsibility of mine," Bryan Police Chief candidate Michael Blake said. "I'm responsible to my employees personally and professionally. I care about my officers. They have a difficult job and I like to help them make it."

Michael Blake is the third Texan of the list of finalists. He currently serves as Tomball chief of police and held the same position in Garland. Blake has 35 years of police experience.

After their interviews the external candidates received a tour of the city. A date to select a finalist has not been determined, but Bryan's city manager, David Watkins, has said he is anxious to fill the position.