College Station Place 1 Runoff: Crompton vs. Happ

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College Station's city council will have a new person representing Place 1 come this Saturday's runoff election.

Texas A&M's parks and recreation expert John Crompton is up against Easterwood Airport director John Happ for the one-year term. It's Crompton's first political campaign, while Happ has served the last five years on the College Station city council in Place 2.

Both candidates were asked why this next year is so important that they want to serve.

"If we don't do a good job in that comprehensive plan and understand what that balance means, then I think that we're going to have the same problems that I've faced the five years of being in the office of trying to fix problems that were caused by the previous comprehensive plan," Happ said.

"There's a clear dichotomy here between the two candidates, and so it makes it much more than the selection between candidates," said Crompton. "It really makes it a referendum on what kind of a city we want to see College Station in the future."

Both candidates are quick to note that they are not single-issue individuals despite what may be the perception.

"Obviously, we have to address both, and I do," said Crompton and neighborhood perservation. "Alleviating traffic congestion is a major problem we have, and I think I'm the only candidate who has put forward a way to do that that's realistic and likely, and I've laid out the funding mechanism to do that."

"As I've tried to campaign, and what my platform always stands for is balance," Happ said, "but I think from 900 surveys, the citizens have said transportation is their number one issue."

In the three-person race for Place 1 last month, Crompton won 47 percent of the vote, with Happ earning 42 percent. The third person in that race, businessman Robert Miksch, got 11 percent.