Bryan SMD 2 Runoff: Flores vs. Madison

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We conclude our previews this evening with a look at Bryan Single Member District 2.

There, longtime businessman and community activist Mike Flores is taking on the former Single Member District 2 seat-holder, businessman Paul Madison.

Voter turnout in previous elections has been low in that district, but both men are looking to win the seat to improve their area.

"These are issues that I'm trying to do -- beautifying the city," said Flores. "Hopefully, that'll bring more people to live in the city, provide more more homes, which increases our tax base, which will also mean that the industry will come here if we have the work force for them."

"Even though we've done a lot of improve the roads situation, the wastewater is a big situation there, and then just the area alone, the clean-up of the area, making sure it's what it should be," said Madison.

Both men tout their enthusiasm for improving their district, and are optimistic that real changes can be made.

"These are exciting times for the city of Bryan when you look at what we initiated a few years back with the infrastructure, our wastewater, our roads situation and bringing them up to date," Madison said.

"Industry and retail is very important to Bryan," Flores said. "Our tax base is no where as near as College Station, and we have to get businesses in this town that are going to help us with our tax base."