Aggieland Outfitters Settles with UT over "Saw 'Em Off" Logo

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The dispute between the University of Texas and a College Station company over the Longhorn logo has finally come to an end.

Aggieland Outfitters was sued in January for their well-known "Saw 'Em Off" logo. UT claimed the logo infringed the longhorn trademark and caused confusion among consumers.

UT agreed that Aggieland Outfitters owner Fadi Kalaouze and his parent company Kalcorp could continue using the logo if minor changes were made.

The agreed upon changes include adding a small blaze and nostrils to the steer's face.

"I'm very happy with this settlement," Kalaouze said. "I think Aggies can wear this logo and nobody can stop them from generations to come and they can always poke fun at UT."

Aggieland Outfitters will not have to pay any royalties for past or future sales and believe the settlement was a victory.