Olsen Charged in Second Oak Hollow Murder

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An alleged murderer sitting in the Brazos County Jail now has another murder charge to deal with.

Christian Olsen, 20, has been charged in the killing of 63-year-old Geraldine Lloyd. Olsen was staying with Lloyd and her family at 3505 Oak Hollow Drive in Bryan.

Police believe Olsen murdered Lloyd and buried her in the home's backyard. Authorities discovered the body after receiving an anonymous tip Friday evening.

Olsen is also charged in the murder of 68-year-old Etta Jean Westbrook, who was found dead in her home earlier this month. The 20-year-old was arrested just days later, and has been in jail on that charge. Authorities say Olsen admitted to the crime during questioning, but this time, he isn't talking, they say.

"He refused to talk to detectives today," said Sgt. Curtis Darby with the Bryan Police Department.

Olsen allegedly beat the 3504 Oak Hollow resident to death just inside her home, then used her credit cards around town.

It was months later that authorities would receive a tip that 3505 home's owner, Lloyd, hadn't been seen in months.

Lloyd's live-in daughter is 40-year-old Kelly Sifuentez. Authorities say she spoke with detectives on Friday from the front porch, and said her mother was in Houston at a friend's house.

According to the probable cause statement, Kelly Sifuentez said Lloyd's clothes and belongings were still at 3505. She added that Lloyd was still paying the bills, but the PC statement also says Kelly's answers were evasive.

When they returned from 3505, BPD detectives were told Kelly's estranged husband, Felix, had contacted the department earlier in the week, and had made this statement: "Christian Olsen killed my mother-in-law and buried her in the backyard of the residence back in January."

After contacting Felix Sifuentez, authorities obtained a search warrant and found Geraldine Lloyd buried. The cause of death: blunt force trauma.

"Through the course of our investigation, we believe that [Lloyd's] probably been there since the latter part of January of this year," Darby said, referring to the body's burial in the backyard.

"This case is ready to be presented to a judge and a jury for trial, and there's still a lot of leg-work that continues on behind the scenes," Darby added. "We've still got a lot to do."

Neighbors are very tight-lipped concerning those who lived in 3505 Oak Hollow. Those who spoke described its residents as very quiet, unassuming and rare to strike up conversation. Those neighbors also expressed shock that a second murder happened on their quiet street, allegedly by the same person.

Authorities say Kelly Sifuentez later told them Olsen was her live-in boyfriend at 3505 Oak Hollow.