Fleas Are Thriving Thanks To Texas Weather

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Veterinarian Gary Lackey of Highway 30 Veterinary Clinic said right now, it seems fleas are out with a vengeance.

"This is probably the worst flea year we've had in over ten years," Lackey said.

Texas heat mixed with humidity, rain, and your pet has created a large boom in flea numbers in recent months. Lackey said two to three fleas on your pet could easily become two to three thousand in your home or yard, within a month's time.

As result, Pest control specialist Geoffrey Lightsey said that means animals will transport a lot more of them around.

"If raccoons come into the yard or whatever they can transmit fleas, stray cats things of that nature," Lightsey said.

Fleas lurk in dark places and pet owners have to be watchful where Fluffy or Mr. Whiskers sleeps and explores around the house or on the family vacation.

"They really like tall grassy areas. Also any place where an animal beds will possibly have a lot of fleas," Lightsey said.

Something else that could be adding to this year's problem is that over-the-counter remedies do not seem to be strong enough.

"There is some resistance developing to some of the chemicals that have been around for several years," Lackey said.

However, he said there are products, like Cap Star, that are available through a veterinarian's office that are effective.

"There's things you can give a dog that within two hours the fleas will be dead but then its out of the dog's system. There are oils that you can put on the skin that takes 24-36 hours to kill the flea," Lackey said.

Lackey advises, if you see little red dots on crawling babies or toddlers you may want to check for fleas. Both experts recommend if you see just one flea, it's time to call the professionals before the problem hatches out of control.