Aggie Field of Honor to Begin Plot "Lottery"

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College Station is moving closer to making the dream of an Aggie Field of Honor a reality.

Thursday afternoon, the city council gave its blessing to staff to begin an option sale of plots. Because of what they believe will be a large response from interested people, what amounts to a lottery will begin July 1 and run through December.

A person can pay $200 to enter, then a random selection process will pick the order people are called back. That money will then be deducted from the eventual cost for a plot, which has yet to be determined because the final construction costs are not yet in.

Design elements, such as the entryway and a Spirit Gate, are still being developed.

"I truly believe in the not-too-distant future that the Aggie Field of Honor is going to become a destination for people coming to our community," said College Station Mayor Ben White. "They're going to want to go to the Bush Library and maybe the Bonfire Memorial. They're going to want to come to the Aggie Field of Honor."

The property in question is located on University Drive near Easterwood Airport. The site will likely be named the Memorial Cemetery of College Station, with a portion of it dedicated as the Aggie Field of Honor. The council will have a vote on the name at next month's meeting, but showed no disapproval in the workshop meeting Thursday.

If all goes according to current plans, September 2008 is when the new cemetery would be opened.

Ross Albrecht is the city's point of contact concerning the project, and is reachable at 764-3410. The cemetery project's website is listed below.