Bogus Tax Refund Check for $3,559 Cashed

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The Jackson Hewitt Tax Service on South Texas Avenue in Bryan says around 2 p.m. Friday someone cashed a refund check for $3,559 at a convenience store. General Manager Rachel Lard says the phone number listed on the bogus check for verification purposes rings to a live person. Lard says all Jackson Hewitt refund checks are verified through an automated system.

The bogus checks also have "Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Rapid Refund Account" printed in the top left hand corner, but Lard says real refund checks do not have that phrase printed on it. Lard says she was contacted by a convenience store clerk Friday after someone tried to cash a refund check for $1,997. The clerk called her office asking if the check was real after noticing the check number was only four digits. Lard says Jackson Hewitt checks usually have eight digits. Lard called police, but by the time they arrived at the convenience store, the person who was attempting to cash the check was gone.

Lard fears there may be more bogus checks circulating throughout the Brazos Valley and is asking all check cashing businesses not to call the phone number printed on the check. Lard says all financial institutions and merchants should call Republic Bank at 1-866-631-1040 for verification purposes.