iPhone Hype Means Lines Outside Local Stores

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Enthusiatic crowds lined up outside area AT&T Wireless stores, all with one thing in mind: the latest and greatest in wireless technology.

"The iPhone is really going to be the most revolutionary wireless device that has ever launched in wireless," Tom Stegner, director of sales for AT&T in Houston said. "It's the best web browser that you've ever seen. It's going to be the best wireless phone. And quite frankly, it is the best iPod that's been put together."

The iPhone is loaded with all sorts of eye-catching features including email, web browsing, music, pictures, and videos. Users can even choose the order which they listen to voicemails, all at the touch of a button.

"What's neat about this is you see right on your display you've missed 10 voicemails, and now you can pick and choose the most important," Stegner said. "All you do is just tap the screen and immediately listen to the most important."

Demand for the product has been so great that people have been lining up outside local stores in both Bryan and College Station, just in hopes of getting their hands on one.

"We have our iPods, our cell phones, we have our computers and this totally incorporates all of those into one phone," Jake Bathman said while standing outside the AT&T Wireless Store on Rock Prairie Road in College Station.

Only time will tell if the new iPhone will be able to live up to all the hype surrounding the product. However, some say they're not the least bit worried.

"All the reviews I've heard from people who have actually used it say it meets and exceeds every expectation," said Jason Heartsfield, who's been camped out at the Rock Prairie AT&T Wireless store since Thursday night.

Officials with AT&T say the new technology is going to be the trend of the future.

"This is going to change the wireless industry and the way people use their phones," Stegner said. "It is what we like to call a game changer. There's nothing like it out on the market."