Police Linking Glasgow Airport Crash with London Car Bombs

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GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) - British police say the crash of a
vehicle into the main terminal of Scotland's largest airport is being treated as a potential terror attack linked to two car bombs found in London.

Scottish Police Chief Constable Willie Rae says one of the men who was in the car is in critical condition at a hospital for severe burns while the other man is in police custody.

Rae told reporters a "suspect device" was found on the suspect at the hospital and it was taken to a safe location where it's being investigated.

Britain has also raised the country's security alert level to critical.

That's the highest level and indicates terrorist attacks are

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says security is being tightened in response to the suspected terrorist plots in London and Scotland.

The decision was announced after a meeting of Britain's government's emergency committee chaired by new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The last time the alert level was critical was in August of last
year after authorities uncovered a plot to blow up several
trans-Atlantic flights.