The General Store Is Closed In Montgomery County

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For 53 years, Frank and Dolores Hoffart have owned and operated Hoffart's Grocery Store in Dobbin and for those 53 years, customers did not have to travel far from home for what they needed.

Dolores Hoffart said the store's patrons came from all around.

"They would come from all around for different things," Hoffart said.

Hoffart's was the community one stop shop destination in Montgomery County that supplied everything from groceries to vet supplies. As a result of their meat processing plant, customers could have their hogs and deer processed for them.

Folks who shopped at the store could also find Hoffart's signature specialty item.

"Homemade pork link sausage, pound pan sausage," Hoffart said.

Now, those shoppers will have to do without their general store. Big retailers like Wal-Mart and Home Depo have decided to move in, and after years of hard work the Hoffart's have decided not to compete and close their store.

Friends and family members like Justin Nusser are already missing the store.

"Every time I came here I usually go back and watch them skin the cows and everything and then I go in the freezer and everything," Nusser said.

On Saturday, faithful shoppers of Hoffart's came to shop one last time and payoff their running tabs. Shopper Bill Metzger described Hoffart's closing as an end to a piece of American history.

"This was a family business that catered to the community," Metzger said. "This was like the heart of our community."

Harrell Helton a long-time family friend supplied Hoffart's feed for decades. He does not live close to the store anymore but heard the store was closing and said he had to come this final time.

"I just wanted to be here 'cause I said hello and I wanna say good-bye," Metzger said.

Frank and Dolores worked long hours day and night raising five children and helping their community meet their needs. The door bell rang for the last time around 7 p. m.

As people came to see and reminisce, the Hoffart's wanted each and everyone of them to know they too loved and appreciated them.

"I liked to thank them for all of their support all through the years and that we thoroughly enjoyed them," Hoffart said.