Hundreds Displaced by Storms in Wichita Falls, Parker County

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DALLAS (AP) - Hundreds of residents near the overflowing Wichita
and Brazos rivers remain displaced from their homes in North Texas
today --- uncertain of when they could return.

Although some of the flooding was easing out of North and Central Texas, officials remained cautious because rain was still
possible in both regions.

At least 200 people were still displaced from their homes near the Brazos River in Parker County. Some houses sustained minimal damage while up to four feet of water had seeped into others.

Weather offcials say the Brazos River is expected to crest early
Monday before falling below flood stage during the day.

About 100 miles north in Wichita Falls, officials are concerned about contaminants in the water. Those exposed to floodwater were being urged to get tetanus vaccinations.

Waters in Wichita Falls rose overnight by four feet in one neighborhood where 175 people had evacuated. Levels at the Wichita River were slowly dropping Sunday.

Floodwaters were slowly receding in Central Texas after some areas received the brunt of a deluge last week. But officials were on standby because additional rain could cause more flooding.