Two Dead in Freak Accidents on Dallas Bridge

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DALLAS -- Two people have died in a series of accidents on a Dallas bridge, including a man who was thrown into a rain-swollen river after being hit by a car.

A Dallas police spokeswoman says it all began when a van on Interstate 45 stalled and an elderly woman driving a car hit the van. Three men in the van got out to help the woman and as they were doing that, a truck went out of control toward them.

The police spokeswoman said that one of the men jumped into the river, the second got hit and thrown into the river and the third was hit but remained on the bridge.

Police say the man who was hit and knocked into the river is dead. His body was later recovered.

The man who was hit by the car but remained on the bridge is in serious condition. The one who jumped was quickly rescued by a boat and is in stable condition.

The elderly woman died of her injuries.

The bridge was about 35 feet above the water.

Heavy rain in North Texas has led to flooding of numerous rivers and creeks.