Texas Monthly Readers Not Amused by Amorous Astronaut Article

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AUSTIN (AP) - It seems that many Texas Monthly magazine readers were less than thrilled by a tale of astronaut romance.

Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith says readers criticized the May issue featuring a cover story with the headline "Astronaut Sex!"

The article was about a love triangle involving former astronaut
Lisa Nowak.

"The big complaint, of course," Smith said, "is the word 'sex' in massive type in the main headline."

Many subscribers said they did not want to have the magazine in their house. The issue also turned off single-copy buyers.

It apparently was the second-worst newsstand seller in the magazine's
34-year history.

The cover photo illustration was of two people in orange space suits in bed - suggesting the astronauts had just had sex.

Smith says he thought the cover was appropriately restrained.