Child Dies from Fireworks Accident

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LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) - Officials say a two-year-old girl has died from burns she suffered when she spilled gasoline on herself and was set on fire by a sparkler her teen sister was holding.

A Lubbock fire marshal says the girl suffered second-degree burns over half her body in the Saturday accident.

The girl died yesterday evening, according to University Medical Center.

It is illegal to possess fireworks, including sparklers, in Lubbock.

On Monday, officials said the teenager was not cited in the incident because, in his words, "to compound the tragedy at that point was probably not going to do any good."

Police officials said earlier this week they were conducting an investigation to determine if anyone was a fault.

Family members told authorities the toddler was seen playing with a gas can during a garage sale, but her parents took the can away when they noticed.