TB Patient Drops Challenge to Court-Ordered Treatment

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BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) - A Port Arthur man who failed to show up for tuberculosis treatment has dropped his challenge to a court-ordered treatment at the Texas Center for Infectious Disease.

Lemone Yowman has been at the San Antonio hospital since mid-June, when he was apprehended at a relative's home and escorted by police to the hospital.

Health officials had been seeking the 32-year-old for nearly a week because he stopped following treatment orders.

Yowman had said he wanted a jury to decide on his court-ordered hospital stay.

He apparently dropped that request, according to Port Arthur assistant city attorney Val Tizeno. She says she received affidavits from Yowman waiving the jury hearing and agreeing to remain hospitalized.

Yowman's attorney couldn't be reached for comment.

Yowman has a drug-susceptible strain of TB, a different variety than the multiple-drug-resistant strain that infected Atlanta attorney Andrew Speaker, whose TB case caused an international scare.