Border Sheriffs Feel Slighted in State Funding

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HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (AP) - Texas border sheriffs who won repeated praise from Governor Rick Perry during his re-election bid for their front-line battles against violent crime now say they feel like they're on the back burner.

Only a small portion of about $110 million approved by lawmakers this year for border security will go directly to border counties for day-to-day operations.

Instead, about $93 million is going to state police and state-run operations, the big winners being the Texas Department of Public Safety and the governor's Department of Emergency Management.

There are no guarantees that any additional law enforcement officers will wind up on the border.

Webb County Sheriff Rick Flores says he blames lawmakers who "played politics" with the governor over the issue.

The final product looks almost nothing like what the sheriffs envisioned when they accompanied Perry at campaign stops, in TV ads and at news conferences before last year's election.