Democrat Planning to Dig Deep to Challenge Cornyn

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The San Antonio Democrat hoping to challenge Senator John Cornyn plans says he could spend $10 million of his money to win the Texas Republican's U.S. Senate seat.

In an election document filed last month, attorney Mikal Watts stated that he plans to spend $6.2 million dollars in the general election. That's on top of the $3.8 million he plans to spend on the March 11 primary.

Watts isn't an official candidate but is operating an exploratory committee.

Cornyn is up for re-election in 2008 and plans to run for another six-year term.

He reported having $3.8 million for the campaign in March, with new fundraising reports due this month.

Democrat State Representative Rick Noriega also says he'll form an exploratory committee for the race.

Noriega served with the National Guard in Afghanistan and has spent eight years in the Legislature.