State Is Investigating Allegations in Normangee

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On June 26th, less than two months into his second term as Mayor of Normangee, Tim Taylor handed in his resignation right before a city council meeting.

Mayor Pro Tem J.C. Traylor said Taylor informed the council his outside job would be taking precedence.

"His business has been growing and he does not have enough time to take care of city business," Traylor said.

Coincidentally, without warning City Secretary Heather Spikes also resigned on the same day. Traylor said Spikes did not give a reason for leaving.

Surprised by the resignations, council members and Normangee residents are taken aback to learn that some city council documents are under investigation by the state. Traylor said a man identifying himself as a state investigator approached the council following their June 26 meeting and made a request.

"Asked permission to look at our books because of allegations by community people to the district attorney's office, the local one," Spikes said.

What those allegations are remains unknown, however, the investigator took numerous city documents including some financial statements. When contacted, the Attorney General's office would neither confirm nor deny they are conducting an investigation.

Right now, Traylor said the council does not know much either, but they could in the coming weeks.

"He made a comment that it probably take him three to five, maybe six weeks to go through the things we allowed him to pick up here," Traylor said.

As far as the city of Normangee is concerned, Traylor said he and the rest of the city council are filling in the gaps left by Spikes' and Taylor's resignations and the objective is to keep the city moving forward.