Home Building, Foundation For Improving Lives

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Lunch never meant as much for the Morris family and some local homebuilders as it did on Saturday.

There was more going than just eating hamburgers and drinking sodas. Homebuilders like Keith Ellis of Ellis Custom Homes have teamed up with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity to place the Morris family into a new home.

"We decided to build a home and contribute 100 percent of the funds and the labor to do so," Ellis said.

Last year, Ellis and other homebuilders who are members of the Bryan-College Station Homebuilders Association took part in Habitat's First International Homebuilders Blitz, where 10 homes are built in five days in respective cities.

The Blitz is a bi-annual event. However, the experience of touching so many lives in a short amount of time, impacted the builders to do something this year.

"All eight of these builders were affected by the joy that they were given," Ellis said.

In three weeks, joy is what Kenneth Morris' family will feel.

"I was ecstatic and I couldn't do anything but praise God, because I had been asking for a long time," Morris said.

Morris said he is thankful to Habitat for Humanity and the association because on August 4, his family will possess a home that belongs to them.

"My children have a safe and secure environment to grow up in now," Morris said.

Bryan-College Station Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Trisha Burk said the partnership with the association is constructing more than homes.

"They get to know the family and they get to develop a relationship with the kids," Burk said.

Burk said it further demonstrates Habitat's goal to improve communities by getting local residents involved.